Graduate Research Assistant at IIT Hyderabad (Dept of CSE) under Dr. Ramakrishna Upadrasta, working on deep learning compilers for code optimization, with a demonstrated history of working on Machine Learning Stack and industry experience of working as a Software Engineer at Samsung Research Institute, Noida.

SKILLS: C, C++, Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing with hands-on experience, working on multiple projects.

Academic Projects

Simplex Algorithm

Python implementation of Simplex Algorithm for optimization problems.

Google Hash Code 2020

This repo contains the problem statement, input files, source code and corresponding output files of the online qualification round of Google Hash Code 2020.

Automated AMS

Deep Learning and Computer Vision based Attendance Management System for taking the attendance of students in a classroom.

Essay Scorer

Deep learning & NLP based project, using word2vec for creating word embeddings to be used as input to LSTM neural net to predict the essay score awarded to a student.

DNN Based Face Detection

A Deep Neural Net based face detection project, making use of caffe implementation of resnet architecture to detect the faces in images, videos, or using webcam.

House Price Prediction

A Random Forest regression model, built to predict the prices of a house depending upon the various features contained inside the dataset.

Survival Prediction

An ensemble model for predicting whether a passenger survives the Titanic incident or not using an ensemble of four ML algorithms along with feature engineering.


Graduate Research Asst.

IIT, Hyderabad

• Research on deep learning compilers for code optimization.
• Teaching Assistant Work.

Software Engineer

Samsung Research Institute, Noida

• Maintaining code quality & compatibility.
• Developing ML models for sentiment analysis and a tool automation.
• Delivering team trainings.
• Project Management.

Data Science & NLP Intern

Digital IP Insights Pvt Ltd, Noida

• Implemented a computer vision model for image comparison.
• Implemented a python script for translating large data in foreign languages to English for better text processing.
• Developed a chrome extension for a marketplace for scraping the data.



Dept. of CSE

IIT, Hyderabad

2020 - 2023


Dept. of CSE

AKGEC, Ghaziabad

2015 - 2019



DPS, Mathura


High School

Grace Convent School, Mathura